INESA (INGENIERIA Y EQUIPAMIENTOS, S.A.) is a company founded in November 1989 with the main purpose of organizing the distribution and the installation of GENEGLACE (French manufacturer of ice machines). Since the earliest eighties, GENEGLACE products began to be imported, but until the creation of INESA it was not organized under the action of a company specialized in the world of ice. Since the earliest 1980’s, INESA has established its facilities in the Central Market of Barcelona (Mercabarna), with a constant and a sustained growth throughout its history. In 2005, due to the company's significant growth and the need to increase the facilities (offices and workshop /warehouse), INESA moved to the new facilities in the industrial area of Rubí (Pol. Ind. Can Jardí). In these installations, with a workshop area / warehouse of 1,000 m² and 150 m² of offices, INESA has continued  to grow, expanding its range of products, such as the range of ORBITAL SILO for ice storage, and developing R & D projects such as AVALANCHA, as well as technologies for the concrete cooling for large PUBLIC WORKS.



Since its creation INESA has specialized in the installation and distribution of ice machines in Spain and abroad. Also since 2003 began the manufacture of ice storage silos with a system of extraction based of worm, known as ORBITAL. These silos include different capacities, and they are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 and in food polyester. Within in our continuous concern to offer new products, since 2007 we also made installations of pneumatic transport of ice, for the automatic distribution of ice in big fishmongers and Hypermarkets. This allows us to be able to offer to the customer a turnkey facilities including manufacturing, storage, weighing and transport of ice to any desired point. In this sense we can be considered as the only company in Spain able to offer such a varied services in the world of ice. In the recent years, we have developed our AVALANCHA shell and liquid ice machines, where we have successfully applied the new technique of Ice Pigging: used for the cleaning of pipelines of large water connections. Finally, we have applied our Know How in the manufacture of ice, for its application in the cooling of mass concrete in large Public Works, with projects carried out in Spain, Portugal, the United States and Saudi Arabia.



In INESA, from the outset, our commercial strategy has been to strive to give the best possible service to our customers, with the conviction that a satisfied the customer over the years propiate more work. There is no better business than a satisfied customer. After 27 years of existence, we can consider that this strategy has given an excellent result, as our customer portfolio increases every year. The ice sector is a very particular market that works with references of the facilities made to other customers, thanks to which we have more than 2,000 references of national clients, in addition to more than 300 fishing boats, making ice with sea water. In recent years our exports have increase significantly, with facilities in countries such as Portugal, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc., these facilities represent the 50% of our current billing. We will be able to continue expanding our market both nationally and internationally, as well as the development of new products through the realization of R & D projects.