GENEGLACE Complete Flake ice factories with refrigeration equipment


Our GENEGLACE ice packs factories have a production capacity from 450 kg/day to 25,000 kg/day.

PACK-11, PACK-12, PACK-13, PACK-14, PACK-21, PACK-30, PACK-32, PACK-33, PACK-34, PACK-36, PACK-37, PACK-39 and PACK-40.


PACKS summaryPACKS summary [869 Kb]

GENEGLACE Flake ice generators



GENEGLACE generators with vertical cylinder have a production from 450 kg/day to 50,000 kg/day.

FT Flake Ice Generators with Horizontal Drum


Our type FT horizontal drum generators, with productions from 300 kg/day to 12,000 kg/day, are ideal for making ice with sea water.

BREMA Flake ice generators


BREMA flake ice generators with a production capacity from 250 kg/day  to 2,300 kg/day, are ideal for fish shops and supermarkets.

AVALANCHA Shell and Liquid ice machine



Multipurpose ice machine, capable of making shell ice and liquid ice, designed to obtain maximum ice production with an optimum energy performance.

AvalanchaAvalancha [989 Kb]

INESA ORBITAL SILO for ice storage



ORBITAL SILO for ice storage, with capacities from 2 Tn to 50 Tn of ice, in stainless steel version AISI 304L or polyester reinforced with glass fiber with built-in insulation. These silos allow automatic ice discharge and weighing.

Orbital SiloOrbital Silo [701 Kb]

INESA Ice Rake Bin



Ice rake storage with automatic discharge and capacities from 15Tn to 150Tn.

GENECLACE Ice Pneumatic Conveyor



Ice Pneumatic Conveyor with capacities from 1 Tn/h to 5 Tn/h for the supply of ice in fish shops and hypermarkets.

INESA Ice Pneumatic Conveyor



Ice Pneumatic Conveyor with capacities from 5 Tn/h to 30 Tn/h, and which allows transporting the ice for great distances, either in Fish Markets or in Concrete cooling plants. 

GENEGLACE Ice Compactor



Automatic manufacturing of ice bars from ice flakes.

INESA Block Ice machines


In automated container, with capacities from 1 Tn/day to 10 Tn/day.

INESA Tube Ice machines



Factories of tube ice with capacities from 1 Tn/Day to 100 Tn/day.

Tube ice makerTube ice maker [308 Kb]

INESA Plate Ice machines



Factories of plate ice with capacities from 1 Tn/Day to 100 Tn/day.

BREMA Cube Ice machines



Machines of cube ice with capacities from 22 Kg/Day to 300 Kg/day.